Cloud computing (also known as Application Hosting or ASP) offers organizations the opportunity to completely eliminate the burden and cost of maintaining and upgrading local computer networks andservers to run their mission critical applications. Instead, your company’s applications and data are loaded onto Aegis’ secure remote desktop delivery platform. Once loaded, you can then access them from any internet connected device using our simple client software.

Once in our datacenter, your data and applications are placed in your own private virtual storage location, backed up as often as 8 times per day and constantly scanned for viruses or other malicious software. In this environment they will also be protected by multiple redundant firewalls, biometric access systems, 7x24 security, dual power grids and dual generators and multiple redundant internet providers.

Since your applications will be running on our datacenter systems, they will operate and perform the same way that that did when you were working within your own local network, but delivered to you over the Internet. Even your older PCs may have new life since our systems will be doing most of the work.

However, when you are ready to replace a PC, even the most inexpensive system will work just fine, and since you only need to install our client software, it should take no more than 15 minutes to get up and running.

Your office environment will suddenly become much simpler and less costly to maintain. We even include all of your Microsoft licensing fees so you always have access to the latest Microsoft technology without any annual upgrade costs.

The way it is now
Typical LAN Configuration
Figure 1.1 (click image for larger view)


The way it will be
Hosted LAN Solution
Figure 2.1 (click image for larger view)