Aegis has been firmly rooted in the Real Estate marketplace since 2000 and has worked hand in hand with Real Estate Agencies to help design, deploy and manage technology solutions that work to make agencies more mobile, more productive and more profitable.

Some of our areas of expertise specific to the Real Estate community include:

  • MLS Integration Solutions
  • Agency CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions
  • Ad Generation and Scheduling Systems
  • Handheld Device Integration and Tablet Solutions
  • Electronic Document Imaging, Scanning and Faxing Systems
  • Electronic Signature Solutions for Contracts
  • Secure Wireless Solutions
  • Email Hosting and Encryption Solutions
  • Data Backup and Replication Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery systems
  • Virtualization Solutions from Microsoft, VMWare and Citrix
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Citrix and Terminal Services Solutions
  • IP telephony and Cloud-based phone services
  • Systems and Network Monitoring
  • Desktop Management and Support Solutions


We also recognize that in today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever to reflect the value that the agency brings to its agents as well as buyers and sellers and partner agencies.  Aegis understands that technology can play a key role in solidifying these relationships but can also be a costly proposition.  Aegis Cloud solutions allow Real Estate Agencies to tailor their technology needs and deploy the latest technology solutions without the need to maintain costly datacenters and on-site IT personnel.

Cloud-based Solutions for the Real Estate Industry:

  • Aegis Hosted Desktop
  • Dynamic Web Site hosting Services
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Hosted offsite data backup services
  • Hosted Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted Sharepoint Collaboration
  • Hosted CRM Solutions


Cloud-based Benefits for the Real Estate Industry:

  • Access to Fortune 50 infrastructure technologies at a fraction of the cost.

  • Access to a broad set of mobility, collaboration, document management and MLS integration systems available on a per user basis.

  • Predictable monthly per user pricing model that grows or contracts with the needs of the firm and eliminates the need for regular hardware replacement.

  • Completely customizable solution allowing you to choose the technologies and components you need or even use all the same applications you use today but delivered and supported through the cloud.

  • Complete remote access solution from any type of PC, browser or tablet device.

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